Micro GripTester

Micro GripTester is a portable push mode continuous friction measuring device.


It’s repeatability and ease of use makes it a versatile alternative to the pendulum test for measuring the surface friction of a full range of materials.

Micro GripTester has been developed in order to measure the skid resistance of any paved area or paint markings at walking pace, micro GripTester is based around exactly the same 15% fixed slip measuring principles as the GripTester which is used worldwide to measure skid resistance at traffic speeds. The built in touch screen display, is simple to use and stores results either directly onto its inbuilt harddrive or onto any USB storage device. This allows operators to save their surveys directly onto removable hard drive and view the results using the supplied software on a computer. The micro gripTester can be used to measure available grip for many applications such as: pedestrian areas, road markings, paint markings, reinstatements, iron works or accident sites.

Integrated GPS means that all surveys carried out can be overlaid on a map to provide a graphical Grip Number display or imported into a PMS. The micro GripTester's clever design results in it not being affected by bends, cambers or inclines and any horizontal slope is measured and reported so as not to skew the results.

The micro GripTester is a cost effective, dynamic alternative to Pendulum spot measurements. Micro GripTester's design allows it to be used as a one man operation and with no user calibration required it could not be more simple to get consistent, accurate measurements regardless of the user.


  • One man operation
  • Continuous measurements (every 48mm)
  • Suitable for inclines, bends and cambers
  • Reduced test time
  • Integrated GPS
  • Touch screen
  • Portable (Compact size, <21kg)
  • Data downloadable to internal memory or USB stick
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